100th monkey phenomenon

Be The 100th Monkey to impact for better world!

In Today’s fast-paced high-tech information age, we are overloaded with information. Some times we believe some information. sometimes we delete it from our mind as fake! Even the word “fake” recently becomes so popular! But one cannot deny information! Information is information. It’s coming to us all the time. In fact, a 24/7 basis. We …

Avoidant personality disorder

Why it is crucial to give importance to AVPD

When my colleague makes an urgent call to me to describe her 12 year’s daughter sudden behavior change, I did not take it seriously. But later on, when he described to me that his daughter’s behavior is recurring, I took a note of it. What she used to do that I have to mention here. …

Happiest Man in the world

Happiest man in the world to push you feel elated!

You are the happiest man in the world! Yes. You are! Do you believe this?? You should. You must.  Do you believe what I am saying? Yes, You are the happiest man! Observe your physiology. Your Body language. Your smile. Your whole body posture. Are you not looking happy at this moment? What’s your view? …

overcoming challenges

Greatest Challenges Keep You at Top of Life Game!

What is the greatest challenge at present you have you know? It’s breaking the habit of being yourself!! Got It? Let me explain, because of your upbringing from the very beginning of your life with religion, culture, habits, friends, schooling, society, you have already created an identity who you are. This already got hard-wired to …

overcoming procrastination

What is the most effective way to overcome Procrastination ?

5…4…3….2……1 and Go! Say above with a loud voice. If possible, shout it. Shout it again…..… 5….4….3….2…1 and Go.! Thinking logic? No logic, please. Just do it… Let us shout it again with full-body movement…… 5…4….3…2…1….and Go!!! You may wonder, what’s it all about It’s the fastest way to overcome procrastination!! When you do something …

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