If you’re wondering who am I and what makes me qualified to promise these results.

My name is Alam Mir. I have more than 24 years of experience in the construction world as a Civil Engineer with an MBA in Personnel management. I am an NLP certified, life coach, personal development coach, and motivational speaker.

Even with having a great job and steady career growth, I really didn’t feel fulfilled.

I always have a passion to serve people in large groups.

I feel everyone has its birth right to lead a happy life ahead. From then I am looking into the huge potential to tap humans into human psychology as well as a mental aspect to change the behavioral aspect of people for fast personal growth for a happy life. I work hard and self-acquired the practical knowledge NLP ( Neuro-Linguistic programming ) from renowned Indian Behavioral scientist Md. Rafi and also got certification from Dr. Steve G. Jobs.

My Certification:
I) Certified as career counselor ( Class 8 to 12) as Green Belt and the Global Career Counseling Certification from Univariety, Hyderabad, Telengana, and UCLA ( University of California, Los Angeles ) Extension

II) Certified Counselor for Behavioural, Relationship, Parental, Professional and academic from MIND BLING, Noida.

  Want To Know My Achievement?

  • Worked with an IIT aspirant student of Patna having an acute psychological problem and got a fast recovery result.
  • Also, worked with a lady in Patna having acute OCD (obsessive-compulsive disorder) and a break up of teenage love for the last three years.
  • I was a member and Ex-President of the Patna Toastmasters club.
  • I love spending time with children in my off time and always keen on public speaking whenever an opportunity comes.
  • Recently, joined TAXWAY group of Ajmer fopr Brain science development of children.
  • Organized many successful online webinar for my people’s.

So if you’re serious about turning things around and guaranteeing reliable progress in your personal and professional life, TAKE ACTION TODAY..

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