Life insurance benefits

10 key reasons why a person needs life insurance

Insurance is intended to protect a person and his or her family from natural disasters and financial burdens.

There are various types of insurance, the most basic and important of which is life insurance.

It provides for your dependents after you die.

Because you must meet certain financial obligations throughout your life and contribute to the family income in some way, you must  provide something even after death to secure the home, help the family meet expenses for a while, protect dependant parents, or secure the children or spouse.

The amount of insurance required depends on a person’s lifestyle, financial needs and sources of income, debts, and the number of dependents.

An insurance adviser or agent would advise you to purchase insurance that is five to ten times your annual income.

It is best to consult with an expert to go over the reasons why you should consider insurance and what type of insurance planning would be beneficial to you.

  1. Term life insurance

           If properly planned, a premature death will provide funds to deal with outstanding debts, mortgages, and living expenses.

      2.  It protects the family you leave behind and serves as a financial resource.

      3.  It protects your hard-earned estate in the event of your death by providing  tax-free cash that can be used to pay estate and death                    duties as well as cover business and personal expenses.

4.Life insurance can include a savings or pension component that will help you in  retirement. Some policies include riders such as critical illness coverage or term insurance for children or spouses.

5. There are certain rules regarding rider eligibility that you must clearly determine.

6.Having a valid insurance policy is considered a financial asset, which raises your credit score when you need health insurance, a  home loan, or a business loan.

7.  In the event of bankruptcy, both the cash value and death benefits of an insurance policy are exempt from creditors.

8. Life insurance can be designed to cover even your funeral expenses.

9.     Term life insurance has two benefits: it protects you and allows you to get your money back at critical points in your life.

10. .Insurance protects your company from financial loss or liability if a business partner dies. It can help to maintain a family’s lifestyle when one contributing partner dies unexpectedly.

Insurance is essential for sound financial planning and security, but you must consider your personal risk and long-term commitments. Insurance protects a person throughout their life and can be used in the event of an emergency by requesting a withdrawal or loan.



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